March Break Goalie Clinic
March 13 -17, 2023

See It – Track It – STOP IT

We are happy to announce that we will be holding a March Break Goalie Clinic at the Community Centre in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

The demand of a goaltender both physically and mentally is extremely high, yet goaltenders are often forgotten at practice during the season. Our March break clinic will not only allow goalies to develop speed, power and agility in the crease but also help them improve their mental skills, their ability to focus in stressful situations as well as understand the importance of positioning rebound control.


Helping Goalies Understand the position so they can work towards reaching their potential. The first step in reaching your potential is recognizing that improvement is a lifestyle. Our programs are built to guide goalies through the developmental process. A focus on the details of the position, good habits, positive thoughts and building self-confidence are central components in our teaching.

Camp Highlights

  • 7.5 Hours of on ice Goalie Specific Drills and Instruction
  • 5 Hours of off ice Goalie Specific Training and Instruction
  • Video sessions highlighting positional play and movement
  • Classroom sessions that focus on sports nutrition, goal setting, positive self-talk as well as drills to improve focus and concentration and getting to the next level.

Register Today - $275 / Goalie

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